Whether you are traveling a long or short distance with a group of people, hiring a bus is always the best option for convenience. At Bus Rental Singapore, we offer professional bus charter services that you can always count on for unmatched reliability, comfort and safe travel across Singapore and Malaysia. All our drivers and personnel are well trained with great experience to make sure that you receive professional treatment all through the trip. Besides, all our buses are kept in the best condition to deliver safe and comfortable travel. In fact, we have the right buses to suit every occasion, group and budget.

Bus Rental Singapore is a licensed and fully certified company, proof that you can always trust us to deliver bus charter services that meet your expectations. In fact, there is so much that make us unique in the bus rental industry. We have multi-purpose buses, coaches and mini buses for all your travel needs including, VIP chauffer, client pick-ups, commercial bus rental, party bus, and school bus services among others. Besides, our services are quite flexible to easily fit into your schedule.

Our Bus Charter Services

Depending on the number of people that you wish to travel with, event, budget and other preferences, we have a wide range of bus rental services that you can always choose from. We have the right match to suit the travel needs of every client. The following are some of the bus rental services that we offer;

Private Bus and Coach Rental

We have various kinds of buses and coaches that can be used for transportation of different groups of people. In case you are planning to travel to an event like a wedding, family get together, road trip, business meetings, corporate parties or any other that usually require a large number of travelers, we have the right buses and coaches for your trip.

Even if you may just be a small group of about 6 to 20 people, we have the perfect mini-buses and coaches for a more comfortable, safe and reliable travel. We understand that sometimes, you may not be in a position of choosing the best bus or coach and are always ready to assist you in making the best choice.

Corporate Bus Rental

When traveling to a corporate event like, team building, business meetings, training among others, it is always advisable to get a bus charter company that can keep time, efficiently handle pick-ups and point to point transfers as well as deliver safe travel. Bus Rental Singapore is the right company that can offer all these in one package.

We understand the unique needs of corporate travel services, and are well-equipped to make sure that you always get the best travel experience with us. Despite your schedule, budget and special needs, our personnel can always ensure that your corporate travel expectations are met with unparalleled convenience.

Limo Bus Rental Service

There are some events that usually require an additional touch of spark to truly bring out your class and a sense of luxury in your means of travel. For instance, traveling to events like weddings, birthday parties and concerts could be more comfortable and appealing when you use a limo bus. In fact, hiring limo bus charter services is one way to make an event more memorable.

We have luxurious limo buses of various sizes to choose from. All our limo buses are designed uniquely and fitted with just the perfect systems to give you the most comfortable and safe trip to and from your event.

School Bus Rental

The safety of your child when traveling to and from school is always an important factor to consider. We have a fleet of well-maintained buses, mini buses and coaches for use in school transport. Based on the schedules of your children, we can plan pick-ups and drop-offs to make sure that children get to school and home in time.

Our team of drivers and personnel are always very keen when dealing with pupils and students to ensure that none is left behind or dropped off in the wrong spot. Even if you are planning a school trip or other events like graduation parties, school get-together, we can always find the best bus, coach or limo or mini bus for all your travel needs.

Commercial Bus Rental

Finding the right commercial bus charter services to suit your needs and budget can sometimes be challenging. But, with Bus Rental Singapore, you no longer have to look any further because we can help you make the best choice. All our buses are designed for the unique needs of clients, hence, a guarantee that all your commercial bus rental needs will be met.

Shuttle Bus Rental

Although many trips are usually planned in advance, there are situations whereby you may need a bus or mini bus urgently. Instead of stressing so much about where to find help, simply talk to us for the ultimate solution. We have a fleet of buses, coaches and mini buses kept in the best condition to ensure that you can always get one at any time of need. Even if the bus or car you are traveling on is broken down, we can dispatch a shuttle bus to your rescue for convenience.

Why Choose Bus Rental Singapore

At Bus Rental Singapore, we understand the diverse needs of people when it comes to travel preferences. And, we put this into all our bus charter services. With us, you are guaranteed the following;

Professional Bus Rental Services

In offering bus charter services, our goal is to always deliver custom travel solutions for the best travel experience. We can assist you in choosing the right bus, coach or mini bus, preparing a schedule for travel and making sure that all the travelers are comfortable and safe all through the trip. Our drivers know all the routes in Singapore to get you to and from the event in time and safely.

Reliable Bus Charter Services

At Bus Rental Singapore, we are committed to altering the myth that bus travel is not reliable. That is why our services are always delivered very flexible to suit any schedule. Besides, we operate both day and night so that you are never inconvenienced. In fact, we always plan pick-ups and drop-offs based on the travel needs of every client. Even if you may need to make changes to your travel plan, we can still make the required adjustments to your specifications. All our buses are serviced and groomed regularly.

We have a large fleet of buses, coaches and mini buses for normal travel needs as well as emergencies. In case your bus has developed a mechanical problem or any other that requires you to wait, we can always send a replacement to ensure that your trip is smooth all the way. In fact, you can also make reservations for bus charter services with us.

Affordable Bus Rental Services

We understand that the issue of cost is always an important factor when hiring bus rental services. Hence, all our rates are affordable to make sure that you are able to get the best bus charter services within your budget. Besides, our services also come with amazing offers to give every client the most fulfilling travel experience for less.

Finding the perfect bus rental services on your own can be an uphill task but, why go all the way when you can simply talk to us for the ultimate solution. We guarantee highly professional, reliable and affordable bus charter and rental services in Singapore

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