Full Sized Bus Charter

Going on a trip with a large group of people is fun and exciting. However, it can also come with certain inconveniences, especially when you fail to develop a better plan for transport. The best way to transport a large group of people to an event is hiring a full sized bus charter. With this kind of plan, you will be able to ensure that all travel as a team and also in great comfort throughout the journey. Bus Rental Singapore offers a wide range of the best full sized bus rentals that can be used for all kinds of trips.

A full sized bus charter can save you from a lot of stress that often comes with coordinating a larger group of people on a trip. Imagine how difficult it could be trying to get a group of 49 or more people travelling on different buses to come together for a party. Some will obviously get to the venue late while others may also even fail to show up due to travel complications. This is not something you would wish to experience, especially on a big day like your wedding or birthday.

Full sized bus rentals or coaches are always a great option for huge numbers of people who wish to go on a trip or attend an event together. Another benefit of this class of bus charters is that they can be used for both long and short trips across Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, they are also designed for use at various kinds of events. A full sized bus charter will also cost you much less than hiring several mini buses or vans for a larger group of people.

Types of Our Full-Sized Bus Rentals

Depending on the reason for the trip, budget among other reasons, people usually travel in different group sizes. As a result of this, we have invested in a fleet comprising full sized coaches to suit diverse numbers of passengers. The following are some of the types of full sized bus charters that you can obtain from our company for a trip;

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus is a great option for transporting groups of more than 40 people. We have a fleet of shuttle buses kept in the best condition to help in the safe transport of passengers to and from any part of Singapore and Malaysia. In case you are worried that your trip may be delayed due to mechanical or technical problems, the best to remain on schedule is calling a shuttle bus. Our shuttle bus will be dispatched to your location within the shortest time for unmatched convenience.

24 to 30-Seater Large Charter Buses

This size of bus charter is ideal for quite a number of trips that involve 24 to 30 passengers including, weddings, graduation parties, educational trips, tours and concerts, corporate conventions among others. These buses are designed with special features for more enhanced comfort and safety. Besides, they are also quite spacious to cater for luggage.

40 to 49-Seater Coaches

A 4049 Seater coach is also a more cost effective and convenient means of travel for large group of people.  Even with the large seating capacity, the coaches are still enhanced with unique facilities and amenities to ensure that all passengers are comfortable in every distance of the journey. Besides, they are also designed with safe luggage carriers so passengers can travel with a few items onboard, without hiring a separate vehicle.

Full sized School Bus

Dropping off your children at school every morning and picking up after classes usually requires time, which you may not have. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have full sized school buses that you can book your children into for safe and reliable transport to and from school. In fact, our buses are also ideal for hire by educational institutions that may not have enough buses. Even if you are planning an educational trip, we have full sized buses that can accommodate up to 49 students.

Specialty Full Sized Bus Rentals

We also have a wide range of specialty buses that are custom designed for various occasions. These come in a wide range of sizes that can suit small, medium and large-sized groups. One of the unique features of our specialty full sized buses is that they offer more than just the safe movement of passengers from one to another. The buses can also be used for holding parties while on the move or at particular locations.

The following are some of our specialty full sized bus rentals;

Due to the customization that have been done on these specialty buses, the seating capacity usually vary from one to another. However, they can still accommodate large groups of people for an exclusive party on the bus or at various stop-overs. We have a collection of luxurious specialty bus charters for events like, weddings, karaoke parties, birthday parties, children parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even airport transfers.

We have the largest Fleet of Full Sized Buses in Singapore. Contact us today!

Choose the Best Full Sized Bus Charter for Stylish and Luxurious Travel

In order to choose the right full sized bus charter for a trip, there are certain things to always consider including, the size of the group, amenities offered among others. Our fleet of full sized charters is well equipped with sophisticated facilities and features to guarantee the ultimate comfort to all passengers.

Some of the features of our full-sized bus rentals include;

  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Entertainment systems on DVD/ CD, wide LCD screens
  • Air conditioning
  • AC Power outlets
  • Spacious luggage racks and compartments

Some of our specialty bus charters are also designed with additional exciting features including, wireless internet connection, restrooms, mini bars among others. Besides, we understand that there are some events like birthday parties on the bus that may require a hostess to serve the passengers. We can assign bus attendants on every coach so all passengers are free to enjoy the trip in comfort.

At Bus Rental Singapore, we guarantee the most reliable, safe and affordable full sized bus charter for a remarkable trip to any destination.

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