Wedding Bus Coach Rental

A wedding is a very special occasion for the bride and groom as well as the guests who have been invited to witness the two partners takes matrimonial vows. It is a common practice that some often choose to hold weddings in their towns but, others can also travel to other exotic destinations across the causeway. Despite the location of the wedding or after party, you must always have a better transport plan for convenience. At Bus Rental Singapore, we offer highly reliable and affordable wedding bus coach rental services for the best experience in every occasion.

A wedding bus coach rental can ensure a more comfortable, convenient and safe travel for all your guests to and from the wedding. Besides, our services can also enable your entourage to travel in absolute style that will make an absolute statement. Apart from just travel solutions, we can also deliver a wide range of services customized to the needs of all the guests attending your wedding. In this way, you are guaranteed safe, prestigious and efficient movement of guests to and from the wedding as well as other related events.

Although some people would still prefer to use personal cars and vans, such measures are often prone to delays and even much higher costs. A wedding bus coach rental will ensure that your guests are able to travel in a single fold to avoid cases whereby part of the group arrives late or even fails to show up due to transportation complications. On the other hand, a wedding bus coach charter will also eliminate the hassles of driving yourself; instead, offering total freedom so you can enjoy every proceeding of the special day in peace of mind.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Bus Coach Rental from our Fleet

Every wedding usually has its own theme and requires a special kind of treatment from the way guests travel, arrive and leave the event. Hence, we provide a wider selection of wedding bus coach rentals with unique features and services. We understand that there are some occasions whereby making the right choice can be a bit of an uphill task and are ready to assist you in every way.

Our fleet comprises the following types of wedding charters;

With the diversity that is offered in our wedding bus coach rental services, there is no doubt you can always find the right match for your event. The buses are designed to cater for different group sizes and can accommodate small, medium or large sized groups. Even if you have so many guests, hiring different mini buses can be expensive compared to a large-sized bus.

Bus Rental Singapore can deliver the ultimate transportation solutions for the bride and groom as well as guests. Based on the number of guests and desired experience, we can always provide the perfect wedding bus.

Travel in ultimate Luxury and Safety

Whether you simply need a wedding bus coach rental for an event next door or in some unique location out of the city, safety is always a key concern. A wedding is an occasion when you need to be in high spirits and gear so as to grab every drop of fun that it has to offer. We are always very keen on the kind of experience delivered to guests on board so every passenger can feel comfortable and safe. In fact, there is so much that you can enjoy aboard our wedding bus coaches to make your trip to and from the wedding more exciting.

Our wedding bus coach rentals are built for greater performance to ensure that your trip is smooth and convenient. Besides, they are also air-conditioned and fully furnished with leather seats and decorative interiors. Passengers on our coaches and limousines can also catch up on great entertainment from the multiple LED TV screens, CD/DVD systems and WiFi offered in our fleet. On special occasions, we can also assign waiters/waitresses to take care of the needs of passengers for the entire period of the event.

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Wedding Bus Coach Rental delivered on your own Terms

It would be disappointing to get to a wedding late after all the important processes like exchange of vows have been conducted. Or, imagine a situation whereby the groom and guests are already seated at the wedding venue but the bride is still stuck up on traffic somewhere. Hiring a wedding bus coach rental service is an easier way of evading such inconveniences.

We can plan to pick up and transport the bride, groom and guests to the venue of the wedding at the required time to ensure that you are not faced with delays. Our company has a team of licensed and experienced drivers who are disciplined enough to keep all schedules. Besides, our wedding planers can also advise you on the most appropriate travel schedules for your wedding based on the routes and your needs.

Our wedding bus coach charter packages can guarantee;

  • Travels to any wedding destination in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Provision of custom on board facilities and amenities

Depending on the needs of the bride, groom and guests, there are various features and amenities that we can incorporate in our wedding bus coach rental packages and fleet. Our commitment is to offer all passengers the best experience to match their expectations. By traveling with us, you also have the freedom of choosing where to visit. You can opt for a different route to and from every event of the wedding for a unique experience. As a result of this, you have the ultimate freedom to focus on enjoying the wedding more peacefully.

Prestigious Wedding Bus Coach Rental Packages at Reduced Rates

Obtaining wedding travel solutions has never been so easy, thanks to the cheaper wedding bus coach rental packages offered at Bus Rental Singapore. Even with a limited budget, you can enjoy a more fulfilling trip to and from every wedding. We have the lowest rates in the industry to enable you get the best wedding bus coach charter at a more cost-effective rate. Affordability is a key factor of our service delivery plan and we always guarantee cheaper solutions to all.

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