Private Birthday Party Bus Rental

Today, hosting birthday parties in confined homes and reserved hotels are no longer the norm. Over the years, partying trends in Singapore have taken a different twist and many people today are opting for parties on wheels. A private birthday party bus rental is a great option for exclusive celebrations with a select group of people. Bus Rental Singapore offers the best private birthday party bus charters and services that guarantee ultimate fun in unrivaled safety and comfort to any destination in Singapore.

We are trying to move from common partying trends to deliver a unique kind of experience to all groups of people. Our rentals feature a wide range of amenities that are specially designed to give your party a more luxurious feel and touch. Despite the event, we can ensure that you and your companions have a different experience across the city or to any destination of your choice for a memorable party. We are committed to delivering a more affordable, safe and reliable private birthday party bus charter.

With a private birthday party bus rental, you are always guaranteed unmatched convenience. For example, you can ensure an exclusive party without any strangers. Besides, we will also save you a lot of time, so you can focus on having the best moment from the party. We can offer you the ultimate freedom to indulge to your fill for a great party on and off the bus. At Bus Rental Singapore, you can enjoy an amazing birthday party on your own terms.

Customized Private Birthday Party Buses

Birthday parties usually have different themes, which should also be reflected in the activities that you do. We have a fleet of private birthday party buses that are enhanced with different designs to offer a unique experience in every trip. In fact, there are a wide range of features and services offered on board to give every group the best partying experience.

Some of our on board features and services include;

  • Function rooms with tinted windows
  • Comfortable leather seats and decorative interiors
  • Air-conditioned buses
  • Waiters/Waitress your service throughout the party

You and your companions can also enjoy great entertainment on our buses delivered through our gaming devices, wide screen TVs, CD/DVD systems. For greater fun, we can also offer drinks and champagne on board depending on your needs. We can also customize any bus that you choose to match the theme and other aspects of the birthday party.

A birthday is usually incomplete without popping some champagne and we can disappoint on that. We can offer your favorite drink on request and also give you an on-board waiter to help in serving your guests.

Reliable Private Birthday Party Bus Rental

Convenience is an important part of our private birthday party bus rental services. We always strive to deliver the best party bus charters and services that are well suited to the needs of every group that we serve. Our goal is to make sure that you are able to get a private birthday party bus charter whenever you need it to avoid inconvenience.

With a private birthday party bus, you are free to enjoy the party while on the go or visiting different spots. In case you do not want to keep switching venues, we can design an ideal bus with the right features for an amazing experience in a park, at home or any other exclusive venue. Our private buses can be turned into an ultimate entertainment spot to cater for diverse party needs.

For a different experience, we can also create a schedule whereby you are able to party on the bus as well as make stop-overs at various exclusive spots. For example, you could opt to visit clubs, resorts and sports venues around the city or travel to a park somewhere outside town. In both instances, we have the right fix for an amazing birthday party with a small, medium or large-sized group.

Wide Collection of Private Birthday Party Bus Charters to Choose from

The choice of a private birthday party bus rental is always very important in ensuring great fun. You should go for a bus that can adequately cater for all the guests invited to the party, without others feeling too squeezed or bored. But, there is no reason to worry because our experts can always assist you in making the perfect choice of a private party bus for your birthday.

Our fleet comprises the following kinds of party buses;

We can cater for all group sizes with a guarantee of an amazing time. Our buses can accommodate groups as small as seven people and even larger ones consisting 49 or more. Despite the size of the group, we can always deliver the right private birthday party bus charter to ensure you are able to party in a relaxed and cool environment. Our buses are well suited for both indoor parties as well as long distance trips across Singapore and Malaysia.

Private Party Rentals for all Occasions

There are various kinds of occasions or events that usually require a unique appeal in terms of class and glamour. Our private party bus rentals are uniquely designed to suit diverse travel and party needs. Even if you may not necessarily be having a birthday party, you and your group of friends, schoolmates, colleagues or family can still obtain a private rental bus for leisure travel in or around the city.

A chartered private party bus can as well be used for occasions like;

In fact, there are several other events that you could also enjoy from a private party rental including, re-unions, and graduation parties. In every occasion, we are well-equipped to deliver the best experience on the bus and also throughout the journey.

Have a Unique Birthday Party with our Party Bus Rental. Contact us today!

When looking for the most affordable, convenient and luxurious private birthday party bus rental Singapore, Bus Rental Singapore is the ultimate partner to always look up to. Talk to us now for the ultimate party bus rental package!

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