Coach, Bus and Van Rental for Sightseeing Tours

Malaysia and Singapore are ideal destinations for sightseeing tours for both local and foreign tourists. This is attributed to the diverse historical landmarks and attractions spread across the two countries. In fact, many people from around the world visit Malaysia and Singapore almost on a daily basis just to see the magnificent features that these countries offer. However, the best way to enjoying sightseeing tours in groups is through a coach, bus or van rental. By choosing a coach, bus and van rental for sightseeing tours, you are able to enjoy the trip in the best way that suits your needs.

There are several benefits that come with hiring a coach or van rental for sightseeing tours. It eliminates the restrictions that are experienced when using public bus services like, strict travel schedules. Besides, a coach, bus or van also enables you to travel in a more organized manner with any group size that you wish. Another reason you should always acquire a coach, bus and van rental for sightseeing tours is, we have the lowest rates in the industry that can also be customized to your budget.

Sightseeing Tours to all destinations in Singapore and Malaysia

There are quite a number of attractions and landmarks that can offer great sightseeing tours for groups. However, it should be noted that these attractions are usually far apart in various cities. Therefore, planning a tour always requires proper planning with regards to the means of transport. At Bus Rental Singapore, we offer coach, bus and van rentals for sightseeing tours to all destinations that you may want to visit.

Some of the common attractions that several groups have been able to visit on sightseeing tours with us include;

  • Premium Outlet
  • Hello Kitty Town
  • Thomas Town among others

Considering the diversity in attractions for sightseeing tours in Malaysia and Singapore, we understand that groups may sometimes find it challenging choosing the best destinations. As a result of this, we have assigned a team of experienced travel professionals to assist you in selecting the most suitable attractions for your trip. This will ensure that every group has an amazing tour to remember.

Highly Reliable Van Rental Services

Generally, sightseeing tours involve visiting unique historical sites and attractions. However, this does not mean that every group must always travel on a particular schedule. Travel plans usually vary depending where you intend to visit, the activities you will be taking part in among other factors. Therefore, we always offer coach, bus and van rental services on flexible terms that can allow every group to independently plan for their trips.

Whether your trip begins in Malaysia or Singapore, our drivers will make sure that you are picked up on time from the locations of your choice. When using a private coach or van, passengers no longer have to rush to the bus stop to catch rides since we always conduct pick-ups even from the comfort of homes and hotels. This not only saves time but also money and the stress of rushing things up in order to avoid missing a bus.

After pick-ups, our drivers will make sure that you travel in comfort and fast to the intended destinations. However, we can also make several stop-overs along the road on the request of passengers. Since you are on a sightseeing trip, you are free to schedule as many stop-overs as you want so as to get the required experience. We understand that sightseeing trips could last hours, days or even weeks, and are determined to ensure that you have a dependable and convenient means of transport throughout the period of the tour.

Sometimes, you may have gone on a sightseeing tour with a group of friends and stuck up as a result of technical or mechanical errors. Instead of worrying, simply call us for a coach, bus or van rental. By giving us your location, destination and number of passengers, we will be able to dispatch a private charter to your aid within the shortest time to ensure that the trip is not inconvenienced.

Wide Range of Coaches, Buses and Vans

We recognize the fact that the size of tourist groups usually vary from one to another. Therefore, our company has invested in a large collection of buses, coaches and vans from which you can always choose the best for your tour. Unlike standard buses and coaches, our fleet offers a unique experience to make every tour exciting even if it involves visiting just one destination.

Our coach, bus and van rentals for Sightseeing tours are available in different sizes and also come with diverse facilities and amenities. We offer convenient and comfortable transport for small, medium and large-sized groups on sightseeing trips. In fact, we can cater for even small groups of five and larger ones consisting more than 70 people. Apart from the coaches, we also have double decker buses, which are ideal for sightseeing trips. Our goal is to make it much easier for even larger groups to enjoy more organized tours without worrying about how to move from one attraction to another.

We also have specialty buses that can go a long way in making your tour more fulfilling. These buses are also customized for various group sizes but, have an array of luxurious amenities including, entertainment systems, Wireless Internet among others. With our specialty buses, groups can also choose to party on the bus while on the move.

Contact us today for your Coach Rental Needs for your Sightseeing Tours.

Affordable Rates

The cost of transport is one of the greatest challenges that many people face when planning for sightseeing tours in Malaysia or Singapore. However, there is no reason to even think of that anymore because at Bus Rental Singapore, we offer the most affordable rates for just every budget. Unlike others, we always guarantee professional rental services at the least rates. Even with a large group, we can still help you get the best coach or bus at the lowest price for greater savings.

Instead of waiting for the last minute rush, talk to us or simply book online for highly convenient and affordable coach, bus and van rental for sightseeing tours across Malaysia and Singapore.

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