Public means of transport have over the years been criticized for a series of inconveniences, which are still faced by most people today. Considering this, it is always advisable to seek private school bus and mini bus rental services when planning to travel to an outdoor activity in the company of a group of students or simply to/from school. Bus Rental Singapore offers the best school bus and mini bus rentals to suit any group size or event that your children may wish to travel to.

A successful journey does not only mean getting passengers to their destinations, instead, ensuring that each is comfortable, safe and also enjoying the journey to the end. We have a wide collection of well-maintained mini buses and travel attendants to make sure that every trip is a remarkable experience! In fact, all our private school bus and mini bus charter services are delivered in accordance with the needs and preferences of each group of students.

At Bus Rental Singapore, we are only committed to highly professional private school bus and mini bus rental services for unrivaled comfort, safety and reliability in all trips. Besides, we also have subsidized rates to enable you get the right services without spending more. With us, there is always an assurance that you will find the perfect private school bus and mini bus rental solutions to suit your children’s travel needs.

Private School Bus and Mini Bus Rental for any event

There are various kinds of events that students and even others who are not in school can attend in groups. Depending on the event or trip, it is very important to know the most appropriate choice of school bus or mini bus to use. There is always a vehicle for every occasion, and knowing that could be a great factor in choosing the right one for your trip.

We have a wide collection of school bus and mini bus charters that you can choose from for a series of events including;

We can always deliver the right school bus or mini bus charters to suit your event or trip!

Travel in ultimate Privacy, Safety and Comfort

The safety and comfort of all students/children on our fleet is always a priority for our company. We strive to make sure that each child can always feel safe and enjoy every step of the trip, whether short or long. Our private school bus and mini bus rental packages are enhanced with unique features for guaranteed comfort at all times that you use our services. We understand the diverse needs of these children when it comes to comfort and have put in place, the best measures to deliver an amazing experience.

From our fleet, you can also choose the right school bus or mini bus rental for the particular number of students. We have school buses and mini buses with diverse seating capacities of 7 seaters, 8 seaters, 9 seaters, 16 seaters, 19 seaters, 20 seaters and 23 seaters. However, we can also provide a larger mini bus to suit the size of your group.

All the mini buses and school buses in our fleet are air-conditioned to offer all travelers a cool environment for less-stressful trips. Besides, we have also included a variety of entertainment systems in our fleet so you can enjoy every bit of the journey.

Get the right Private School and Mini Bus Charter on your own terms

In order to be sure of convenience, you should always acquire private school bus and mini bus rentals services from a company that can deliver at the time of need. Bus Rental Singapore is the trusted travel partner that can offer an appropriate school bus or mini bus charter service to suit your schedule. Our services are provided with so much flexibility to give every client the opportunity of meeting all their travel deadlines.

Based on your schedule, we can arrange and deliver private school bus and mini bus charter services for the following;

In every service that we offer, we strive to make sure that each group of travelers can have all their needs met. In fact, we have a team of travel assistants to listen to all your needs and help with choosing the best travel package that can match your interests. Our drivers are always very keen on keeping time and all other client requirements for the best experience in every journey.

Affordable Private School Bus and Mini Bus Rentals

Seeking recommendations on cheaper private school bus and mini bus rental services can be misleading and also very costly in terms of time and money. Besides, there is usually no guarantee that the recommendations can guide you to finding the most cost-effective option. Bus Rental Singapore can help you to easily avoid such risks because, we have very pocket friendly rates designed for every budget. In fact, our services can enable you to get the best travel experience for less with very little effort.

Get the most reliable and affordable School Bus rental service in Singapore

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Over the years, we have been able to assist many people in obtaining reliable and efficient private school bus and mini bus charter services at reduced prices that you too can enjoy from us. We believe that you do not have to spend so much money in order to get the best rentals for school, corporate or casual trips to any destination in Singapore. In fact, it is only with us that you can always be sure of the ultimate solutions for a private school bus or mini bus rental Singapore.

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