Bus Rental Services


When planning to attend an event within or outside Singapore in the company of a group of people, it is always very important to know an ideal company that can deliver the best bus rental services to suit the diverse needs of your travel companions. Bus Rental Singapore is the right bus charter company that guarantees comfortable, reliable and affordable bus travel. Our services are well-suited for both corporate and commercial bus rental, school transport as well as special bus travel needs.

In offering bus rental services, we are always very keen on meeting the personal needs of all our commuters. Our aim is to deliver the ultimate bus charter services that can guarantee all travelers unmatched comfort, safety and convenience all through their trips in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, we can also provide specially designed and luxurious limos with additional features so you can travel in style to that glamorous wedding, tour, concert, birthday party or any other fancy events.

Generally speaking, when most people hear about a bus or coach, the assumption is that it requires a very big group of people. However, that is not true. Our bus rental services are designed to accommodate both small groups of six people as well as larger ones of more than 42 people. Based on your needs, we can always find the perfect fit for a more remarkable and memorable experience.

Corporate and Commercial Bus Rental

When planning for official events like business meetings, employee training/ workshops, worker’s conventions or any other, you need professional and reliable bus charter services that can pick-up and drop-off all the staff without any inconvenience. We have an adequate number of buses, mini buses, coaches and limos for all your corporate travel needs. Our travel experts can always ensure that all your trips are properly scheduled for unmatched reliability to and from corporate events.

On the other hand, public transport can be quite unpredictable and cause inconveniences to your business. Instead of putting up with such unnecessary pressures, our commercial bus rental services can offer the ultimate solutions. With our commercial bus charter services, you are guaranteed affordability and reliability in every step of the way.

Private Coach and Bus Rental

There are sometimes that you may need bus or coach charter services that can guarantee comfort and confidentiality. Bus Rental Singapore is the right company that can deliver private coaches, buses and limos for all your trips. We specialize in covering both short and long-distance travel with unrivaled confidentiality. We have specially-designed buses and coaches for general travel needs as well as professional figures like business people, artistes, sports personalities and even families.

Apart from the special features of our buses for private charters, we also have a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel to make sure that your trip is accorded the required limit of privacy. Our services can always be modified to cater from smallmid to large groups of travelers to and from all destinations across Singapore.

Limo and Luxury Bus Rental

Limousines are luxurious vehicles perfect for occasions that call for additional touch of class and glam. We have a fleet of well-maintained and uniquely designed limos that you can always acquire for wedding parties, birthdays, graduation parties, tours and other special occasions. Our limo bus rental packages come with amazing offers and other features for a more thrilling experience. Even if you just need a limo to ride in with your friends around town, we can deliver the right match for great comfort and safety.

We understand that sometimes, you may need the limo to be custom-designed to the particular theme of the occasion. Our travel experts have greater experience in designing limo and luxury buses to suit every event. In fact, all these modifications can always be made on request within the shortest time so you are not inconvenienced.

School Bus Charter Services

With the complexity in bus travel today, putting your child on a school bus is no longer a guarantee that your son or daughter will move to and from school in safety. Besides, you may not always have the time to pick and drop off your kids at school every day. We have a fleet of buses, coaches and mini buses, and drivers as well as travel professionals to deliver safe, reliable and comfortable school transport services. We can always make sure that your kid is picked-up and dropped off right on time for school.

Our drivers and bus attendants are always keen on delivering safe school transport services for both children in kindergarten, teenagers in primary, secondary schools as well as college students. We can also offer bus, mini bus or coach rental services for school events like sightseeing tours, academic and sporting competitions or other kinds of school trips.

Shuttle Bus and Mini Bus Rental

Shuttle bus are an easier and more affordable option for quick travel with a small group of people over short and long distances. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have a wide range of shuttle and mini buses that you can choose from for your travel needs to meetings, the airport, and work sites among other events. Whether you need a shuttle bus for an urgent trip or regular travel, we can offer the best one to suit your preferences. Our drivers have worked in Singapore for many years and can always guarantee safe and reliable trips within or outside the city. We can also cater for mini bus or shuttle transfers to suit all schedules.

We understand that there are times when you and your group of friends, family or workmates may need something different from your regular travel choices. For example, you may decide to just take a tour of your local area in a group during the day or at night. In such instances, we can offer the best bus, coach, mini bus or limo for the perfect experience. With our bus taxi rental and hire services, you are guaranteed an amazing local tour of your city or town. Our travel attendants and drivers have proper knowledge of Singapore and Malaysia; and can always assist you in identifying some of the best places to visit for a more fulfilling experience.

Hire the Best Bus Rental Services Singapore!

Instead of spending so much time and money looking for a good bus rental company, simply get in touch with us. We offer the best bus rental services that you can always trust for safe, reliable and affordable transport. By choosing our services, you stand to gain so much more for less. We understand the unique needs of clients when it comes to choosing bus charter services, and have properly laid out the right resources and strategies to deliver custom travel solutions.

We guarantee the following;

  • A large fleet of buses, mini buses, shuttles, limos and luxury buses for corporate/commercial, school as well as special transport needs
  • Licensed and experienced drivers with proper knowledge of various destinations across Singapore
  • Flexible schedules for all bus rental services covering short and long distances
  • Friendly and accommodating travel attendants to offer you the best treatment throughout the trip
  • Affordable bus travel packages with amazing offers

Bus Rental Singapore is the one-stop that you can always visit for custom bus rental services to match your travel preferences, budget and schedule. We are committed to delivering the ultimate bus charter services Singapore that you will truly enjoy in every step of the way!

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