Coach Rental from Penang to Singapore

Charter buses and coaches have become a common means of transport across Malaysia and Singapore today, mainly because of their ability to cater for larger numbers of passengers at once and also beat deadlines. Bus Rental Singapore offers premium coach rental services that you can always count on for the ultimate comfort in every trip from Penang to Singapore. To us, a successful trip means all passengers are able to travel in safety at any time and also to the desired destination.

The state of Penang, which also doubles up as an island is home to great attractions and activities that can make your trip thrilling, especially with a group of friends or the family. From the night markets, you can enjoy a wide range of cuisines and also get down to some shopping. Besides, you can also take a drive along the city streets as well as to historical landmarks to discover more about Penang.

For several years now, Penang has been a magnet for tourists and fun-lovers seeking pleasure and some quality time off. Due to the unique fusion of Asian and western cultures in Penang, it has developed to become an attractive destination, where people from all walks of life come together for other purposes including, business conventions, excursions among others. And, the best way to successful trips is a coach rental from Penang to Singapore.

A Unique Way to Explore Penang in Groups

Unlike other Malaysian states, Penang has a spark of ancient charm that is skillfully blended together with modern structures to give a fascinating experience to tourists. Part of the state is an island while the other is dry land, which enables visitors to indulge in a mix of attractions. As a result of this, it can be a bit hectic to visit all the places that you wish in a group without a reliable means of transport.

Instead bugging yourself with public service buses or taxis, simply get a private coach from Bus Rental Singapore. With us, you are able to discover Penang in the best way that suits your desires. To find out more about the state of Penang, we can take you on a tour of various places including, Kek Lok Si, Snake Temple, Butterworth, George Town, Penang National Park, Penang Botanic Gardens, Gurney Drive, Bayan Lepas among others.

Apart from the historical landmarks in Penang, the state also has a wide range of shopping malls, restaurants and markets from where you can also sample some of the finest Malaysian products including, food and fabrics. Besides, the state also has endless hotels, clubs and resorts for great entertainment. Our coach rental services are customized to enable you get the most exciting experience on a tour of Penang as well as other Malaysian cities.

Highly Reliable and Dependable Coach Rental

We understand that although Penang is a renowned exotic tourist destination, there are also other groups of people who usually travel to the state but not for fun or holiday. As a result of this, our company offer flexible services that are always based on passenger needs. With us, you can acquire a coach rental from Penang to Singapore for just any event or trip. We offer express trips as well as scheduled tours between Singapore and Penang.

Whenever you choose to travel with us, you do not have to keep worrying about meeting schedules because we do not set any. Instead, groups are given the freedom to create their own travel schedules. This means you always get to choose where you want to be picked up from and also the time for the same. This ensures you are not caught up in the commotion experienced in public bus services.

In case you are going on an excursions or tour, we understand that groups may need to make stop overs at some points for refreshments or to visit certain attractions. For such occasions, we will not force groups to abide by our plans but, offer each a chance to plan their trips as desired. Our drivers will make as many stop overs as you wish so everyone can get the most of the trip. At the end of the day, we will drop you off at the hotel or any other designated destination. We cater for both one-way and return trips between Penang and Singapore.

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Wide range of Bus Sizes to Choose From

Depending on the size of the group, occasion among other aspects, it is always important to know how to pick the right coach or bus rental for your trip. We believe that every passenger deserves to travel in safety and comfort even if it is just over a short distance. And, that is why we have a collection of coaches and buses that you can always choose from. In fact, we have the best rentals that can be used for all kinds of trips and events.

You can choose our rentals based on the number of people you wish to travel with. Our fleet comprises mini buses and mid-sized buses for smaller and medium groups of between 5 and 35 passengers. Besides, we also have buses that can cater for up to 50 people all at once. For groups of more than 50 people, we also have larger coaches and double decker buses from where you can identify the most appropriate.

At Bus Rental Singapore, we are committed to revolutionizing the private transport sector to cater for the diverse needs of travelers. That is why our company has also invested in specialty buses, which can serve both transportation and parties. With us, you are not only guaranteed safe movement from Penang to Singapore but also a more exciting trip that will keep you entertained to the end.

Our coaches and buses have a wide range of facilities and features geared towards delivering the ultimate comfort and feel of luxury to all passengers. Traveling with us enables you to enjoy cool rides, great entertainment on individual screens and reclining leather seats. The buses also come with extra space for cargo, which you can use at no extra costs.

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