Coach Rental from Singapore to Mersing

Mersing town is a common destination for many local Malaysian, Singaporean and foreign tourists. The town is situated along the way to renowned Tioman islands, and thriving with a mixture of cultures and many activities for visitors. When planning a tour of Mersing or even other destinations beyond the town with a large group, transportation is always a key aspect to keenly look into. The best way to travel is through a coach rental from Singapore to Mersing.

There are quite a number of reasons why Mersing town is of great significance to people who may want a taste of the Malaysian culture. It is one of the two main urban centers along the eastern section of the state of Johor, and also links the southern part of the state with the east coast of Pahang state.  Besides, Mersing is a key departure point for ferries moving to the offshore islands across the town, which also offer great attractions.

Attractions in Mersing Town

Mersing town has so much to offer for groups of people as well as individuals. In fact, there are quite a number of attractions around the town that you can visit and also get involved in for a remarkable tour or holiday with the family, friends, colleagues or business associates. In fact, the town can cater for all tastes and preferences. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have the best coach rentals that you can always count on for any kind of trip from Singapore to Mersing.

Some of the key attractions in and around the town of Mersing include;

  • Sandy beaches and islands like Tioman islands, Pulau Tioman
  • Endau town; a key fishing port
  • The fishing village of Penyabong
  • Endau Rompin National Park
  • Mersing town public park and children playground

The destinations listed above offer a diversity of delicacies and activities that you can indulge in for an experience of the culture of the Malaysian people. Besides, the town is also undergoing a major uplift in accommodations facilities. Now, Mersing town is dotted with lots of restaurants and hotels that can cater for local and foreign tourists. As a result of this, the town can be an ideal holiday destination in Malaysia.

Mersing town also has a wide range of cafes and traditional coffee shops offering Malaysian and western cuisine. Besides, visitors to Mersing town can also have a great time shopping from its high end malls and supermarkets, which also offer internet and medical services. Quite a number of Malaysian banks have branches in Mersing, making it easier to do transactions on your trip. In Mersing, you can always find a variety of attractions for adults and children alike.

Travel to Mersing at your Own Convenience

Considering the diversity of attractions in and around Mersing town, there are several reason why people can visit including, corporate conventions, holiday, work among others. As a result of this, travel plans usually vary from one group to another. In order to meet the special travel needs of different passengers, we offer very flexible coach rental services from Singapore to Mersing town.

We always try to organize travel schedules based on the plans of our passengers. Whether you need a one-way or two way trips, we can still deliver the right transportation solutions. By traveling with us, you can have the bus pick each and every member of your group from their doorsteps at any time. We are always very keen on keeping time to ensure that your journey is not inconvenienced.

With a coach rental from Singapore to Mersing, all your trips to, around and from the town are well taken care of. The coach remains at your service for the whole period that you have rented it. This means that even after getting to the destination, the bus and driver will still be available to take you to other places until the end of the trip. As a result of this, you have the freedom to enjoy your trip without any worries about transport.

Coach Rental from Singapore to Mersing for every Occasion

Unlike in public transport or company vans where every vehicle is the same, our coaches are accorded special modifications for every occasion. We believe that you should always travel in a coach or bus that complements your event and status, without having to spend more. Our company has a fleet of coaches and buses from where you can always choose the most suitable one for your group and occasion.

Some of the occasions and events that our coach rentals cater for include;

Sometimes, it does not have to be so serious. In fact, you can even decide with a group of friends to take a short leisure tour from Singapore to Mersing for a weekend. Even in such situations, we can still cater for your safe transportation for the entire trip. With the wide range of coach rentals that we have, there is a guarantee you can always get the right match for your trip to Mersing town.

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Rentals for all Group Sizes

We understand that coaches can sometimes limit many people from visiting Mersing simply because they have to find a larger group. As such, our company has invested in rentals of various sizes so that small, medium and large-sized groups can always enjoy a tour of Mersing town. The following are some of the main categories of our rentals;

Based on the size of your group, we can help you choose the best rental to use on a trip from Singapore to Mersing. Our rentals come with amazing features to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers like, air conditioning, entertainment facilities, comfortable leather seats, AC outlets, Wireless internet among others. Besides, we can also provide hostesses for every coach on the request on passengers.

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