Shuttle Bus and Mini Bus Sizes

When planning a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, invitations are usually sent to various groups of people including, family members, friends, colleagues, and even business associates. However, it can sometimes be tricky to tell the response or actual number of all the guests who will be present since some may fail to show up while others could also invite additional people to accompany them to the event. As a result of this, it is always important to find an ideal means of transport that can adequately cater for such anomalies.

Depending on the number of guests that will be attending the occasion, Bus Rental Singapore offers different shuttle bus and mini buses to choose from. The shuttle bus and mini bus sizes vary from one to another so that small, medium or large sized groups can always get the most comfortable and safe means of travel to and from different destinations. Even if you are not planning an event but expecting guests or simply returning from a flight with a group of people, we can still deliver the right shuttle or mini bus for quick movement from the airport or any other destination to a hotel or your home.

We understand that on your own, finding the perfect fit from the wide range of shuttle bus and mini bus sizes that we offer can be challenging. Therefore, we have assigned a well-trained and friendly Customer Service team, and professional event planners to assist you in making the best choices for a more reliable, safe and affordable shuttle bus or mini bus rental.

The following are some of the shuttle bus and mini bus sizes that you can acquire from our fleet;

Mini Buses (7 to 9 Seaters)

Some people may argue that a group of less than ten is usually very small and could easily fit into personal cars. However, it should be noted that personal or company shuttles are usually very inconvenient since they restrict you to so many conditions, which could significantly hinder the freedom to enjoy the moment. With a our mini bus shuttle (7, 8 and 9 Seaters), you will not have to worry about who is driving, instead, get the opportunity to enjoy yourselves throughout the trip as we take care of all the logistical needs. Besides just accommodating passengers, the shuttle buses are also designed with enough space to cater for a few belongings or luggage. The shuttle buses are also equipped with entertainment facilities so passengers can stay entertained throughout the journey.

Mid Sized Buses (13 to 24 Seaters)

A group of 13 people is not a small one, and requires a better plan if you want to ensure a safe, comfortable and convenient trip. Instead of using several personal or company cars, we offer the best mid sized buses that can adequately offer an ideal transport solution. Although our mid buses can carry up to 24 passengers, it does not mean that you must meet the maximum number. Provided the passengers are more than 13, we recommend this category of mini buses for a more comfortable travel. Our mid bus rentals (13, 16, 19, 20, 23, and 24 Seaters) are also spacious enough to enable passengers travel with a few items onboard.

Full Sized Buses (30 to 49 Seaters)

Sometimes, the number of guests attending an event can be very overwhelming even more than the expected size. However, this should not send you running up and down in search of different buses or shuttles for transport services. We have large-sized buses that can accommodate groups comprising 30 to 49 people without anyone feeling squeezed. By using a full-sized bus, you can easily ensure that all the guests travel together to avoid situations whereby part of the group gets to the event late or even fails to show up due to travel complications.

Another advantage of hiring a full-sized bus for a large group of people (30, 40, 43, 45, and 49 Seaters) is that it can save you from paying more for transport. Unlike hiring several mini buses or shuttles, a larger bus is usually cheaper and also very convenient. Besides, it will also ensure that you are able to travel in a more organized manner.

Double Decker Buses

At Bus Rental Singapore, you can also get double decker buses to use for transport and also parties. Double decker buses are becoming very common on Singapore roads today mainly because of their ability to deliver more seating space than standard buses. In fact, these buses are the ideal choice for those who wish to travel in groups of more than 50 people. Since they can accommodate a large number of people, double decker buses can easily save you from the stress of coordinating different mini buses or shuttles during travel.

By obtaining one of our double decker buses, you can also get an ample space to conduct parties while on the move. The buses are spacious and also designed with unique features and facilities so passengers can have the best traveling experience throughout every journey. Based on the occasion and your needs, we can transform the bus to provide an exclusive space where passengers can hold parties and enjoy great entertainment to and from various destinations.

Talk to us for the best assistance in choosing the most suitable shuttle bus and mini bus sizes customized to your needs and budget. Contact us today!

Choose the Right Shuttle Bus and Mini Bus Sizes for Luxurious and Safe Travel

At bus Rental Singapore, we do not only focus on delivering diverse shuttle bus and mini bus sizes to cater for various groups of passengers. Our shuttle bus and bus rental services also take into account the experience of passengers in every trip. We have the responsibility of making sure that every passenger aboard our mini buses and shuttles is able to enjoy the ride and also get to their destination on time.

For the safety of passengers, all our buses are regularly maintained and operated by licensed drivers with great experience. We have also included unique amenities on our fleet including, air conditioning, comfortable leather seats, entertainment systems, Wi-Fi so passengers can enjoy their trips as they please. Depending on the occasion and needs of your group, we can also assign hostesses to serve passengers throughout the entire trip.

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