Luxury Tour Bus Rental Services

In the past, luxury tour bus rentals were a reserve of only a few people like high-flying celebrities and prominent figures. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have now made it easier for anyone intending to go on a trip with a group of friends, family members or even business associates to do so without any stress. We offer the most reliable, comfortable and affordable luxury bus rental services that you can trust for an amazing trip in Singapore and Malaysia. Our services are delivered based on the specific needs and preferences of travelers for a unique and fun-filled trip.

We have a fleet that comprises a wide collection of luxury tour buses that are kept in the best condition for better performance over short and long distances. Besides, we also have a team of well-trained professionals to offer the best guidance to all customers in choosing the right tour bus charter packages suited to their personal needs. Our commitment has always been bringing the best luxury tour bus services within the reach of anyone willing to travel.

To us, the satisfaction of every customer means everything and we are always willing to go out of our way to deliver custom travel solutions. For unmatched convenience, we have a well-organized and friendly team of Customer Service assistants who work round-the-clock to enable you get the services that you need at all times. We guarantee unique but, highly efficient services to suit every schedule and budget.

Luxury Tour Bus Rental for every trip

Traveling on a personal van may sometimes look cheaper and easier to some people. However, it should be noted that such decisions are likely to restrict you from having the best time. For example, your mini bus or van may not be spacious enough to cater for all your travel companions and their belonging. Instead of putting up with such inconveniences, you should simply get a luxury tour bus charter.

We have various kinds of luxury tour bus rentals suitable for;

Our luxury tour bus charters can also provide an ideal means of transport for airport transfers, family meetings among other events. Regardless of the destination of your trip or type of event that you are planning to attend, Bus Rental Singapore has the right rental to suit your needs.

There are occasions whereby people have been forced to lock out their friends and colleagues from joining them on trips simply because of the fear that it is expensive to travel with a larger group. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have a collection of luxury tour buses designed to accommodate different group sizes. We have rentals for small groups and even huge numbers of more than 50 travelers.

Reliable Luxury Tour Bus Charter Services

To most people, finding a good tour bus rental company that can always deliver services at the required time can sometimes be challenging. As such, a good number end up seeking recommendations from friends, close acquaintances and the internet, which are usually very misleading. Our company is the best that guarantees and fulfills all the unique travel needs of clients as expected. With us, you can always be sure of charter services delivered on your own terms.

We conduct regular maintenance on our fleet so travelers are not faced with problems like frequent breakdowns. Besides, all our drivers are also licensed with many years’ experience in operating tour bus rentals across Singapore. As a result of this, we can always get you to your destination safe and within a short time. Our services are ideal for both short and long haul trips.

Travel to any destination in unmatched comfort and style

When it comes to travelling, people usually have diverse needs and preferences regarding comfort. In recognition of this fact, we have put in place, unique features onto our services and fleet. The goal is to ensure that every passenger on our fleet feels safe and relaxed throughout the journey. We are trying to give customers a more fulfilling travel experience irrespective of the duration of the trip.

For a more comfortable and luxurious trip, we offer the following;

  • Fully furnished and air-conditioned tour buses
  • Spacious buses for both passengers and their luggage
  • Great entertainment
  • Wi-Fi connection

Our luxury tour charters are not simply for moving people from one point to another. We have created an environment whereby you can travel while also having a good time, like watching a show, listening to music among others. In fact, the tour buses are also quite spacious and more enhanced so you can even work on the go from your laptop. We also offer snacks including, food and drinks to passengers so you are not bored or left exhausted from the tour.

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Affordable Luxury Tour Bus Rental

Today, you do not have to spend more on transportation, especially for local trips. At Bus Rental Singapore, we offer the best rates that will no doubt enable you to get the best luxury tour bus rental services for less. We listen to all the needs of our clients, including financial to make sure that each acquires services that are customized to their budgets. For those who book in advance, we have amazing offers for a more fulfilling and cheaper trip.

Unlike others, we have a very unique pricing policy that is flexible and also takes into account several aspects in order to guarantee affordability to all clients. Even if you may be operating on a minimal budget, do not shy away because we can still arrange an ideal luxury bus and limo bus rental package for a remarkable trip. We believe you should never be denied the opportunity of having a good trip simply because of financial constraints.

While others are wasting time looking for help on how to find a luxury tour bus charter from other unreliable sources, you can always stay one step ahead. Get in touch with us now for a highly convenient, affordable, safe and comfortable trip to any destination in Singapore.

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