Double Decker Bus and Coach

When looking for a means of transport for a large group of people, a double decker bus and coach is always a great choice. Owing to the size of a double decker coach or bus, it can adequately cater for huge numbers of people, exceeding fifty. At Bus Rental Singapore, we have a fleet of several customized double decker buses and coaches to choose from for your trip. Our bus and coach rental services are mainly focused on delivering convenient, comfortable and affordable travel to groups of passengers.

Double decker buses and coaches are becoming common, and this can be attributed to the unique benefits that they deliver in the transport industry. Their ability to accommodate large numbers of people makes them ideal for avoiding traffic congestion, which could impact delays or even missing flights. Besides, the unique design of the coach also makes it ideal for several kinds of private uses. Traveling on a chartered double decker coach could save your group so much time and money too.

We understand the importance of safety and reliability in transport, and are well equipped to deliver just the right experience. All our buses are regularly maintained and fitted with the right features to offer smooth rides to and from all destinations. Besides, we also have trained drivers who are licensed with many years’ experience in operating bus rentals across Singapore. As a result of this, you can always be sure of getting to your destination without any inconvenience.

Great Transport Option for all Events

It has been a common belief that double decker buses are only used for short trips like, sightseeing tours around the city or airport transfers. However, that has restricted so many people from enjoying great moments with large groups in locations outside the city. At Bus Rental Singapore, we do not limit passengers to the buses they can use or how far they can go to enjoy rides on our rentals. We offer:

With us, there is no condition that every group must have a themed trip in order to acquire a double decker coach. In fact, you can even hire a bus just for leisure travels around town or for weekend getaway with a group of colleagues, friends or family. Whether you only need to move a group of people over a short distance or a long trips that takes several days, our double decker coaches are well-suited to deliver the best experience.

Reliable Double Decker Bus and Coach Rental

Convenience is an aspect that we are always very keen on when serving clients. We strive to ensure that you can always get the right bus or coach for your trip at any time of need. In this way, we are able to meet all deadlines as stipulated by passengers. We have a large fleet of coaches and buses to cater for the transportation of different groups at the same time so you are never kept waiting.

There is usually a disparity in the schedules of passengers and it is our duty to make sure that each group is treated to their own demands. As soon as you book the bus, it is left at your service until the expiry of the service. Throughout this time, you are also given a driver to operate the bus to and from your destinations. By being able to travel together with such a large group, your trip will be more organized and even the leaders of the group will find it easier to coordinate the team.

We can cater for both one-way and two-way trips based on the needs of passengers. In case you need regular pick-ups and drop-offs, our travel planners and drivers will ensure that you always get the bus on time. However, groups can also hire a double decker bus or coach for hourly or weekly trips. To those groups that may be planning long trips, we can also carryout stop-overs according to your instructions.

Ideal for School Transport

It is always the desire of every parent and guardian to find a more reliable, safe and cheaper transportation for their kids to and from school. Booking space for your child in one of our double decker coaches for school transport can meet those demands. We have coach assistants to take care of the kids while on the coach to ensure that they are safely transported to and from school on time.

Apart from private school transportation, our double decker buses and coaches can also be hired by learning institutions including, schools, colleges and universities to facilitate daily school transport. In fact, we can also offer convenient transportation of students for educational trips across several destinations in Singapore. The unique and spacious design of our coaches makes them ideal for interactive school tours.

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Affordable Transport for Large Groups

Booking for tickets for everyone in a group of more than fifty people can be very costly even over a short distance. But, we understand that it is not the kind of experience that you need, considering that you may still need to spend on the way or when you get to the destination. Therefore, we have one of the lowest rates that can be customized to just any budget. We intend to make it much easier and cheaper for you to obtain the best double decker bus and coach rental.

Apart from just our fair rates, hiring a double decker bus can effectively shield you from elevated costs incurred in public transport and also when using company vehicles. Our buses and coaches are designed with adequate seating space and luggage compartments. And, we do not charge passengers any extra fee for their cargo. With us, groups can always travel in great comfort with their luggage onboard for just a small fee suited to their budgets.

At Bus Rental Singapore, our double decker bus and coach rentals are also uniquely modified with air conditioning, comfortable leather seats and great entertainment systems to make every trip stress-free and enjoyable.

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