13 Seater Mini Bus Rental

Wondering how to efficiently move employees from the office to the airport? Or even transport guests to and from wedding venues? A 13-seater mini bus rental is a better option that can guarantee convenience in all trips around the city or even out of town. With any of the mini buses offered at Bus Rental Singapore, you are free to make as many trips as you wish to and from any destination across Singapore and Malaysia. We take care of all your travel needs so every member of the group has the freedom of enjoying the trip to their satisfaction.

When planning to go on a trip with a group of up to 13 people, traveling separately could impact delays and hurt the entire experience in many ways. A chartered mini bus can ensure that all the participants travel as a team for convenience. This will effectively eliminate cases whereby part of the group gets to the venue late or even fails to show up. We always take all the necessary measures to make sure that no passenger is left behind in every stage of the journey.

A 13-seater mini bus rental is not only an ideal choice for convenient travel of small groups of people across destinations but also affordable and comfortable trips. Our services are based on the belief that every passenger deserves the right to travel in a comfortable environment where they can feel safe and stress-free. There is a wide range of facilities and features on our rentals to make every journey with us more entertaining and relaxed.

Reliable and Dependable Mini Bus Rental Services

At Bus Rental Singapore, we always value your time and needs, and are committed to the convenience of everyone aboard our mini buses. We understand the disappointment of missing a flight or even getting to a party late because of travel complications. With a 13-seater mini bus rental, you can always be sure that all the members of your team are able to get to the required destination in the shortest time and safely.

When traveling, every group usually have their own plans or schedules. In recognition of this fact, we are always very flexible in the way our services are delivered. In fact, our company is the only one that can always operate on the terms of passengers. Whether you need a one-way trip, hourly, daily or weekly pick-ups and drop offs, we can always create a schedule that suits your needs.

With the flexibility of our mini bus rental services, you can also make changes to your travel schedules while on the trip. We want to make sure that your group has the opportunity to get the best experience from every journey with us. Even if you may need urgent transport with a small group of people, we can still deliver the most suitable mini bus charter at your service.

Luxurious and Safe 13-Seater Mini Bus Rental

Through our experience in the industry, we have learnt that a successful trip not only means getting passengers to and from their destinations on time but also making their journeys more comfortable and safe. To fulfil this, we have designed our fleet with unique facilities and features to offer every passenger an ideal environment for a fun-filled trip. Some of these include;

  • Comfortable, reclining seats
  • Entertainment on wide LCD screens, CD/ DVD
  • Air- conditioning climate controls
  • Wireless internet connection
  • AC outlets for phones, tablets and laptops

Depending on the type of trip that you are planning, you may need to carry a few items with you like, a change of clothes. Instead of hiring a different carrier for your luggage, our buses are also designed with additional space where your cargo can be safely kept throughout the journey. This will make it more convenient for you to enjoy the trip in peace of mind. Besides, it can also help your team save up some money on the side.

To even offer you more freedom during the trip, we always have dedicated drivers assigned to each rental. The drivers are always at your disposal for the entire period of the trip. With this, every member of your group will have all the time to focus on the activities of the trip or party.

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Enjoy Smooth Trips to Any Destination and Occasion

When using a 13-seater mini bus rental, you will never be worried about matters related to transport because the bus is always at your own disposal. We specialize in both short and long trips with a guarantee of unmatched convenience. Whether you are planning an event around the city or excursions in other cities, we can offer the ultimate travel solutions. Our mini bus rentals are ideal for attending a wide range of occasions including;

Small groups can also hire this kind of mini bus to attend birthday celebrations, graduation ceremonies and tours across Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, groups of friends or colleagues can also acquire a mini bus charter for leisure travels during weekends, day or at night. This can give you a totally different kind of experience from your usual means of transport.

Affordable Mini Bus Charters

Contrary to the common argument that bus rentals are expensive, you can now easily get the best 13-seater mini bus rental for just any budget. We understand the financial strain that usually come with several trips and, are committed to making your journey more cost-effective. Our rates are very affordable and can be tailored to complement your needs and budget for every trip. By traveling with us, you can easily save more money to use in making the experience more fulfilling.

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Our rentals are always available 24/7 for use at any time that you may need reliable, affordable and comfortable transport for up to thirteen people. However, we advise that you make reservations well in advance to get adequate time for making the most suitable preparations for the trip.

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